About Nā ʻAle Co.

Nā ʻAle Co. was established with the hope of honoring the excellency of our kūpuna (ancestors) in todays modern life. Located in Waimānalo, Oʻahu, we think of our pieces as native intelligence meets contemporary elegance.

Mia Waiʻaleʻale "Liʻi" Sarsona started creating wooden pieces at the age of 15. Nā ʻAle Co. was created as a way to honor her lineage. The name "Waiʻaleʻale" has been carried by four generations of women in her family, Liʻi being the fourth. The symbolism of three is used in her logo to portray this lineage. 

Each wood piece is handcrafted and unique in its own way. In creating the piece, we aim to highlight the natural beauty of the wood. We use a range of Native and invasive woods. Native woods are repurposed or sustainably harvested. We believe in EAducation and offer information of each type of Native wood featured.

We have since branched out to offer brand curation and social media services. See our Projects page for more information!

We hope you enjoy the story each piece has to tell!

Me ke aloha pūmehana,

Nā ʻAle Co. Team


Our Promise to Pilina

At Nā ʻAle Co., we promise to build and nurture relationships to ourselves, our family, our kaiāulu (community), the lāhui and to our ʻāina (land). We feel a deep sense of kuleana to each of these levels of pilina (relation).

To honor our pilina to lāhui, we are constantly looking for ways to support our community, whether its donating a piece to a good cause to work days on the ʻāina. 

To honor our ʻĀina, all woods used are either repurposed or sustainably harvested. We use reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging materials. Our pieces are packaged in reusable drawstring bags. Our mailers are made out of 32.6% recycled material, are recyclable and also reusable! Check out our Instagram for more information on our sustainability practices. 

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